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Regular Sales April-September Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 p.m.
Butcher hogs, Feeder pigs
Followed by calves, sheep and cattle
Special Feeder Cattle Sales in Season
November thru March.  Watch for Schedule.
Weekly Radio Reports WNAX Tuesdays at 11:45 am
CONTACT US: 605-387-5180; 605-999-0834

REGULAR SALE SALE Tuesday, August 19th   7:00 p.m. (Weigh up cows 6:30 p.m.)
FEEDER PIGS: 30 hd. pigs 45#- outdoor
50 hd. pigs 50#
70 hd. 60# pigs
15 hd. 30# pigs
25 hd. fat lambs
9 hd good fat chislic ewes
25 hd. fat lambs
BABY CALVES:  5 hd extra fancy beef x week old calves
4 hd. holx calves 300#
2 hd. hol bulls 400#
6 hd. beef st/hf 550#
C/C Pairs & Bred Cows: 1 young RA cow w/calf
10 hd. older cows/ some breds

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602 South Pearl Menno SD 57045 (605)-387-5180

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