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Regular Sales April-September Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.
Regular Sales October-March Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. Slaughter cows/bulls, Butcher hogs, Feeder pigs
Followed by sheep, calves and all classes cattle

Special Feeder Cattle Sales  Tuesdays in Season
November thru March.  Watch for Schedule.
Weekly Radio Reports WNAX TUESDAY at 11:45 am
CONTACT US: 605-387-5180; 605-999-0834

SPECIAL FEEDER CATTLE SALES FOR DECEMBER TUESDAY DECEMBER 5 includes a dispersal of Bred cows, plus several other packages of bred cows and feeder calves.  Also special feeder calf sale Tues. December 19. For any information please contact the barn. 

 REGULAR SALE WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 22nd 12:30 p.m. SALE ORDER- weighup cows/bulls, sows/boars, feeder pigs, sheep/goats, all classes of cattle.

FEEDER PIGS:  125 hd. 45# pigs
15 hd. 90# outdoor pigs
15 hd. 130# outdoor pigs

SHEEP/GOATS:2 hd. exposed ewe lambs (ultrasounded)
1 ram lamb
8 hd. exposed goats (ultrasounded)
9 hd. Jacobs x ewes, exposed (ultrasounded)
4 hd. wf  fat killer ewes

BABY CALVES: 15 hd. hol bulls, 1 wk old (Ridgeview)
12 hd. hol bulls, 1 wk old (Wiersema)

STARTED HOL & FEEDER CATTLE: 5 hd. beef x calves 200-400#
26 hd. 550# hf red/blk/char
5 hd. blk x calves 250#


OTHER: 1 mini horse (pending)
30 chickens

...there is no fence, no gate, nor any mountain or problem, that will keep us from the love that is found only in His Son. Romans 8:30 (Simplified Cowboy Version, paraphrase)

602 South Pearl Menno SD 57045 (605)-387-5180

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