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Regular Sales April-September Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 p.m.
Butcher hogs, Feeder pigs
Followed by calves, sheep and cattle
Special Feeder Cattle Sales in Season
November thru March.  Watch for Schedule.
Weekly Radio Reports WNAX Tuesdays at 11:45 am

 Dr. Friedel and NW vet supply will be happy to meet your needs for services and supplies.  If you wish to have Dr. Friedel bring vaccines or supplies to Menno for pickup we will be happy to facilitate a drop-off point here at Menno Livestock. If you wish to have Dr. Friedel perform services for you at our facility we will be happy to accomodate that, please call Dr. Friedel (605-481-8613) to schedule a convenient time.  You may visit NW vet website at

REGULAR SALE SALE Tuesday, April 22 7:00 p.m. (Weigh up cows 6:30 p.m.)
FEEDER PIGS:  60 hd. 50-60# pigs
SHEEP/GOATS:   10 hd. young ewe/lamb pairs
BABY CALVES:   10 hd. baby hol bulls
16 hd. baby hol calves (TCD)
1 hol hfr- twin (Wiersema)
4  hd. hol bulls (Wiersema)
4 hd. beef/dairy x hfrs (Wiersema)
8 hd. just weaned hol st
11 hd. hol st 750#- green
12 hd. hol st 400#
4 hd. xb calves 350# (Odens)
1 hd. 500# xb hfr (DenOuden)
C/C Pairs & Bred Cows: 
8 hd. 1st calf heifers w/ calves at side
1 hd. 1st calf heifer w/calf at side
1 hd. 2nd calf cow w/calf at side
OTHER:  We will auction off 2 Ray Kelly prints tonite that were created for the west river rancher relief efforts.  The proceeds will go to Hope for Cattlemen fund and will be distributed to west river ranchers the end of this week.  Thank you!

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602 South Pearl Menno SD 57045 (605)-387-5180

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